DSEIS Extends New Equipment Sales Procurement Deadline

Need to purchase new lab equipment and/or instruments before the end of FY19 but worried about those pesky end-of-fiscal year deadlines? Don't fret. The Division of Scientific Equipment and Instrumentation Services (DSEIS) has established an interim process so you can procure equipment for your lab through September 5.

Keep these important dates in mind:

  • August 5 through September 5: Use the DSEIS Interim NES Purchase Process to acquire new equipment for your lab.
  • After September 5: No more lab equipment may be purchased through DSEIS until FY2020.

    For deadlines, NES pricelist, and Interim NES Purchase Process form, visit https://dseis.od.nih.gov. For Equipment Sales and Rental, contact Anju Vergheese at (301) 496-9748 or email rental@ors.od.nih.gov.

    Please note: Because order volumes are heavy during the end-of-fiscal-year rush, please be patient as DSEIS staff work diligently to process the influx of orders. Delivery of your new lab equipment will require a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks. Following receipt of confirmation that your order is being processed, please allow 8 weeks before contacting us regarding delivery of your order.
QPSO Releases New Biological Export Declaration Form

The NIH Quarantine Permit Service Office (QPSO) has released a new version of NIH form 2388 “Declaration for Exportation of Biological Materials.” Among other improvements, it now offers certificate-based signature fields and Clear, Print Form, Save, and Submit Form buttons. You may learn more about the biological export and import services offered by QPSO by visiting our webpage, contacting qpso@mail.nih.gov, or calling (301) 496-2960.
Escalation Procedures

At ORS, our goal is to find solutions to our customers’ needs. If you have an issue with ORS that remains unresolved, we have developed an escalation process to effectively elevate an issue through the chain of command until you find resolution.