Pipette Tune-up Service Assures Perfect Pipette Performance

The Division of Scientific Equipment and Instrumentation Services (DSEIS), Laboratory Equipment Maintenance and Repair Branch hosted a weeklong pipette calibration and repair clinic in July. The clinic provided convenient, high-quality, centralized pipette maintenance service, including pickup and delivery. During the event, representatives from Eppendorf performed maintenance on more than 600 pipettes from eight ICs. This is twice the number of pipettes serviced during previous clinics.

Routine pipette maintenance and calibration assures consistent, accurate, and precise pipette performance.

"The clinic offered convenient service at a very high standard of quality," said Jerry Tyus, Chief of the DSEIS Laboratory Equipment Maintenance Repair Branch. The multi-step process included external examination for missing or broken parts, disassembly and inspection for wear, internal and external cleaning, replacement of defective/missing parts, reassembly, and multiple sampling steps to assure accuracy, repeatability and linearity.  "As a bonus," added Tyus, "labs that scheduled service on 25 or more pipettes received a free Eppendorf M4 repeater valued at $600."

Have questions about DSEIS maintenance and repair services? Contact Jerry Tyus at (301) 451-1753 or DSEIS_repairs@nih.gov.

QPSO Releases New Biological Export Declaration Form

The NIH Quarantine Permit Service Office (QPSO) has released a new version of NIH form 2388 “Declaration for Exportation of Biological Materials.” Among other improvements, it now offers certificate-based signature fields and Clear, Print Form, Save, and Submit Form buttons. You may learn more about the biological export and import services offered by QPSO by visiting our webpage, contacting qpso@mail.nih.gov, or calling (301) 496-2960.
Escalation Procedures

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