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The ORS News2Use newsletter is published quarterly by the Office of Research Services (ORS), providing pertinent information and updates about ORS services to the NIH community.
Winter 2023
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3/3/2023 If you are a summer student who will be working onsite at an NIH campus, please read this quick article on how you can get your badge in an orderly fashion!
Personnel Security Processing for Onsite Summer StudentsMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023There is much to be upset about in today's world. So many have lost loved ones to disease, violence, or other tragic circumstances. Many families are struggling to survive or have been torn apart and many are isolated
Thriving in Challenging TimesMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023​​​​Are you familiar with all of the dining facilities and services available for NIH employees?  As many of us return to the physical workplace there have been some changes and adjustments to the dining facilities and services on the campus locations.
Dining Facilities and Available Services UpdatedMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023The award was presented to Mr. Nathan Marchiano of the National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center, Department Transfusion Medicine (NIH/CC/DTM) by CHB Manager Mr. Roxy Grossnickle
Nathan Marchiano Wins NIH Mission First Safety Always AwardMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023Originally from Youngstown, Ohio Seth Cooley graduated from Kent State University with a degree in biology and now serves as an industrial hygienist for the Division of Occupational Safety and Health.
I Am ORS Winter 2023March 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the agency regulating the use of radioactive materials, recently announced their intention to update regulations to make some cases of radiopharmaceutical extravasations a medical event.
NRC Signals Changes Coming for ExtravasationsMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023Are you looking for articles on how to build a high-performing team? Do you need advice on bringing innovation into your projects, or making your hybrid work environment more productive?
Business Source Premier Provides New ResourcesMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023Starting March 1, 2023, the European Union has new requirements for customs forms.  If you wish to send a package to any of the countries that are in the EU or that are following their protocol
New Requirements for Packages to European Union (EU) CountriesMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023The NIH Library is excited to introduce Nancy Muir as the new Library Director! In this role, Nancy will oversee the virtual and physical NIH Library.
NIH Selects New Library Director Nancy MuirMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023On December 5, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security announced an extension of the REAL ID full enforcement deadline to May 7, 2025. 
Real ID UpdatesMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023A new visitor parking lot (Lot 18) is now available for NIH visitors and replaces visitor parking Lot 4A.
New Visitor Parking Lot on CampusMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023Hungry? Looking for additional food offerings.  The Marketplace 10B1 (Building 10/B1 Cafeteria) hot and cold breakfast bars will reopen along with new breakfast service
Marketplace 10B1 Returns for Breakfast with New HoursMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023Gregg Nelson grew up in Montgomery County, MD and was a Reserve Officer Training Candidate while at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY
Food and Retail Program Welcomes Gregg NelsonMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023Anyone who is officially monitored for external exposure to ionizing radiation during the year receives an annual summary report (NRC Form 5) informing them of how much dose was measured and recorded on their official record
NRC External Exposure to Ionizing Radiation (Form 5) Updates ReleasedMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023Have you received an email from HHSIdentity regarding renewing the digital certificates on your PIV card?
All About Renewing Digital Certificates on Your PIV CardMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023
3/3/2023The Division of International Services (DIS) is happy to announce the launch of the DIS Customer Portal! This launch occurre
DIS Launches the Customer PortalMarch 03, 2023Winter 2023


On December 5, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security announced an extension of the REAL ID full enforcement deadline to May 7, 2025. Learn more about the REAL ID Extension.​