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The ORS News2Use newsletter is published quarterly by the Office of Research Services (ORS), providing pertinent information and updates about ORS services to the NIH community.
Summer 2023
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8/31/2023As part of any T2, T3, T4 or T5 background investigation, there is a possibility of getting contacted by a DCSA investigator.
Importance of Cooperating with Investigators and How to Verify their IdentityAugust 31, 2023Summer 2023
8/31/2023Stephen Teagarden, our newly appointed NIH Fire Chief and Director of the Division of Fire and Rescue Services (DFRS), always knew he wanted to be a fire fighter.
Introducing Stephen Teagarden: The "Firefighters' Chief"August 31, 2023Summer 2023
8/31/2023Did you know that the NIH community has been participating in the Feds Feed Families campaign since 2009?
Feds Feed Families is HereAugust 31, 2023Summer 2023
8/31/2023Jim Spears is the Operations Manager for the Division of Mail Management Services (DMMS).  In this role Jim supervises the daily operations while working with the customer service team and supporting the contractors under DMMS.
I Am ORS Summer 2023August 31, 2023Summer 2023
8/31/2023Now available from the NIH Library, STAT+ provides in-depth analysis, timely news and exclusive content for healthcare professionals, researchers and policymakers.
Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Health News with STATAugust 31, 2023Summer 2023
8/31/2023Introducing Preprint Citation Index, a new tool available from the NIH Library that can help you discover preprints for key research articles ahead of formal journal publication.
Stay Current with the Newest Research Preprint Citation IndexAugust 31, 2023Summer 2023
8/31/2023Is your lab storing long-lived radioactive material? We understand researchers sometimes need to store radio-labeled cells or keep stock vials of long-lived radioactive material (think H-3 and C-14) for future use
Managing Storage of Radiolabeled CompoundsAugust 31, 2023Summer 2023
8/31/2023The Division of International Services (DIS) launched the DIS Customer Portal in December 2022! Since launching, DIS has added several new features to the DIS Customer Portal to streamline the case submission process for Administrative Staff and Foreign N
New Portal Serves Foreign National ScientistsAugust 31, 2023Summer 2023
8/31/2023The National Institutes of Health, Office of Research Services (ORS), and the Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS) congratulate the 2022 NIH ‘Mission First, Safety Always’ Award winner Ashley Shoemaker and runner-up nominee Barbara Liles
Recognizing A Safety CultureAugust 31, 2023Summer 2023
8/31/2023Whether moving between positions or moving between locations at NIH, providing a forwarding address to the Division of Mail Management Services (DMMS) and updating your NIH NED page are two important steps in ensuring the continuity of your mail.
Forwarding And Returning Mail At NIHAugust 31, 2023Summer 2023
8/31/2023Listservs provide a virtual platform to share information about special events, webinars and resources.
Stay Connected With NIH ListservsAugust 31, 2023Summer 2023


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