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The ORS News2Use newsletter is published quarterly by the Office of Research Services (ORS), providing pertinent information and updates about ORS services to the NIH community.
Fall 2023
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12/13/2023​Every year, HHS recognizes top individual and team performers for exceptional and meritorious achievements that contribute significantly to the Department's mission and goals.
ORS Director & Occupational Health & Safety Division Director Win HHS Secretary's COVID-19 Recognition December 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023NIH hosts approximately 1,800 scientists from around the world. The Division of International Services (DIS) collaborates closely with Institutes and Centers (IC) to facilitate the immigration process for these scientists to come to the NIH and conduct li
Check Out The International Services Strategic Plan UpdatesDecember 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023​Do you want to exchange biological material (e.g., pathogens, clinical specimens, or tissue samples) with an international colleague? You should reach out to the NIH Quarantine Permit Service Office (QPSO) before you ship.
What is QPSO? Why is it important?December 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023Barbara Raye is originally from Marion, South Carolina and serves as a Lieutenant at Paragon Systems Security at the NIH Bethesda Campus.
I Am ORS Fall 2023December 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023The use of alcoholic beverages on public property is prohibited except, upon occasions and on property upon which the head of the responsible agency or his or her designee has for appropriate official uses granted an exemption in writing.
Friendly Reminder About The NIH Alcohol PolicyDecember 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023Project SEARCH NIH is an initiative within the SEEC organization. It was established in 2010 to create unpaid internship opportunities for young adults with developmental disabilities.
Eurest Dining and Project SEARCH NIH Championing Inclusivity and EmpowermentDecember 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023​Bldg. 10A would like to recognize the following individuals for their long-standing dedication, all having started in 10A prior to the year 2000, and for their personal and professional commitment to help ensure the long-term vitality and success of our
Celebrating Building 10A's Long Term Camaraderie Amongst PeersDecember 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023If you happen to misplace an item while traveling on the Metro, there's no need to fret! There's a chance that it may be recovered and returned to you.
Metro Updates Their Lost & Found PolicyDecember 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023The 30-Day Self-Care Challenge is designed to get ORS staff moving and motivated to create bites of healthy habits throughout your workdays and weeks leading into the holiday season.
Wellness@NIH Updates & EventsDecember 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023The NIH Broad Scope license covers our approval to possess and use radioactive materials for benchtop, animal, and clinical research. The last time this license was inspected was October 2021;
It's Broad Scope License Inspection TimeDecember 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) issued Federal Investigations Notice (FIN) 23-02 which announced that the government-wide system currently used for requesting federal background investigations, the Electronic Questionnaires for
Personnel Security Transitions to New System for Federal Background InvestigationsDecember 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023Hello, I'm Akilah Z. Richardson, and I'm thrilled to be a part of the NIH team as the new NIH Lead Interpreter on the Access Interpreting Services contract providing support to the ORS Interpreting Program Manager/ COR in the Events Management Branch.
ORS Welcomes New Lead InterpreterDecember 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023Looking for guidance on where to submit your paper for publication? The NIH Library now has Cabells Journalytics Medicine, which can provide you with essential insights and the data needed to publish your research successfully.
Navigate the Complexities of Publishing with Cabells Journalytics MedicineDecember 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023​As the temperature continue to drop and we tend to complete more tasks in the office (eating lunch, snacking, storing food), the chances of being visited from unwanted pests rises.  Below are some tips to help you maneuver through the winter season while
Mice Prevention TipsDecember 13, 2023Fall 2023
12/13/2023Are you working on a paper or doing research? EndNote is a reference management tool that can help you save time, stay organized, collaborate with colleagues, and ultimately, get published
EndNote 21- Now Available from the NIH LibraryDecember 13, 2023Fall 2023


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