A New Spin on Equipment Sales and Services

​New model centrifuges and microplate readers were on display June 27 in the Building 10 South Lobby. Hosted by the Division of Scientific Equipment and Instrumentation Services (DSEIS), the 2019 Centrifuge and Microplate Reader Show offered an opportunity for members of the NIH intramural community to inspect centrifuges and microplate readers available through the DSEIS New Equipment Sales Program.

Equipment on display included microplate readers from Biotek Instruments, and molecular devices and centrifuges from Beckman Coulter, Eppendorf North America, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. Representatives from the NIH Supply Center also provided information about supplies and other products available to the intramural research community.

During the show, staff were available to discuss options for acquiring and maintaining centrifuges, microplate readers, and other indispensable scientific equipment and instruments. According to DSEIS Sales and Rental Branch Chief Anju Vergheese, "The show lets us talk one-on-one with NIH intramural staff members about their equipment needs and explain how DSEIS can help them save time, energy and funds." 

The Centrifuge and Microplate Show is the third in the NIH ORS DSEIS Presents series of on-campus events for the intramural research community. Previous events featured ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers that meet EPA energy-star requirements.

For more information about DSEIS, visit https://dseis.od.nih.gov. For Equipment Sales and Rental, contact Anju Vergheese at (301) 496-9748 or email rental@ors.od.nih.gov.

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