Do you Need Help Paying for Child Care?

On March 1, ORS raised the annual Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) cap from $75,000 to $80,000 for participation in the NIH Child Care Subsidy Program.  To see if you qualify, look at Form 1040 on your 2018 tax return.  If the AGI on Line 7 is $80,000 or less, you may qualify for the subsidy program.  The program is open to all NIH federal employees, including Title 42 and the Commissioned Corps.

The subsidy can be used for summer camp, before and after care, infant care, and more.  To learn more about eligibility, enrollment requirements, and the application process, please visit  You may also call the Division of Amenities and Transportation Services (DATS), Child and Family Program Team at 301-827-3250.

QPSO Releases New Biological Export Declaration Form

The NIH Quarantine Permit Service Office (QPSO) has released a new version of NIH form 2388 “Declaration for Exportation of Biological Materials.” Among other improvements, it now offers certificate-based signature fields and Clear, Print Form, Save, and Submit Form buttons. You may learn more about the biological export and import services offered by QPSO by visiting our webpage, contacting, or calling (301) 496-2960.
Escalation Procedures

At ORS, our goal is to find solutions to our customers’ needs. If you have an issue with ORS that remains unresolved, we have developed an escalation process to effectively elevate an issue through the chain of command until you find resolution.