New Remote Fingerprinting Service for NIH Staff

The Division of Personnel Access Control (DPSAC) recently established a new remote fingerprinting service via a company called Fieldprint. With over 1,300 Fieldprint locations across all 50 states, this new service significantly expands the ability of DPSAC to capture electronic fingerprints for individuals who are not located near an NIH facility.

Please note that this new service is not intended for everybody. Electronic fingerprinting with Fieldprint is primarily intended to help individuals going through DPSAC's prescreening process. For new staff coming to NIH who are not currently located near one of our facilities, Fieldprint provides an easy way to submit the required electronic fingerprints without having to travel to NIH. This allows the prescreening process to move along faster.

This service does not replace the need for enrollment (fingerprinting / photograph) for your ID badge. People who are fingerprinted via Fieldprint must be fingerprinted a second time at an NIH facility to obtain a badge. The fingerprints captured by Fieldprint are not available for use in the badging process. For staff located near an NIH facility, the preferred method is still to complete fingerprinting directly at the NIH. Feel free to share this public article with the applicants to inform them about the enrollment and badging process, along with how to use FieldPrint.

To take advantage of this new service, contact DPSAC at A DPSAC representative will provide the individual with instructions on how to use Fieldprint via email.

Please note that your IC will be charged $18.50 for each person fingerprinted by Fieldprint. DPSAC will track the use of Fieldprint by IC. Each fiscal year, the total charges for your IC will be included in the annual assessment by ORS as part of the budgeting process.