Nathan Marchiano Wins NIH Mission First Safety Always Award

​​​​The award is presented to Nathan Marchiano of the National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center, Department Transfusion Medicine (NIH/CC/DTM) by Community Health Branch Manager Roxy Grossnickle.

The Office of Research Services, Division of Occupational Health, and Safety (DOHS) salute professionals making a difference in safety. Nathan Marchiano of the Clinical Center, Division of Transfusion Medicine (DTM) is the 2021 winner of the 2021 Mission First, Safety Always award, given to an employee who has demonstrated leadership, innovation, and involvement in their organization's safety culture.  Mr. Marchiano was nominated by Ms. Patricia Buziak of NIH/CC/DTM for promoting safety in his organization.  He is the section lead for the Emergency Release Drills (emergency release of blood for patients) and has practice drills monthly.  This process resulted in the improvement of response times to emergencies and better adherence to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for blood emergencies.  Mr. Marchiano also worked with the DTM Safety Officer to procure medical and pathological waste (MPW) box lids and trained the staff on the safe usage and the safe way to clean the lids.  

Mr. Marchiano shows leadership in continuously looking for unsafe conditions and working to correct the issue; helping team leads meet safety requirements; stays familiar with DTM Safety SOPS; and discussing all safety issues with the DTM Safety Officer.  He engages his peers in meetings by asking safety related questions and has given a safety quiz during a fun activity.  

Mr. Marchiano makes safety as a part of his organization. He is the emergency resource person for the group and makes sure that all important documents are updated.

You are a super star, and we salute you.   


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