I am ORS Fall 2018

The Office of Research Services (ORS) is comprised of a diverse portfolio of services that support the NIH mission. In this section — I AM ORS, we showcase the exceptional employees behind these vital programs.

Joy Farrar Jackson is a video producer/events manager in the Events Management Branch sharing her craft with NIH clients from concept to completion. She enjoys working at a place of history creating visual communication pieces practically year round.

She attended the University Maryland and worked at WJZ Baltimore. (And yes, she worked alongside Oprah when she began her career).

Today, Joy's position requires her to be at various production sites off-campus, but she has it all scheduled out and enjoys the multitasking work involved.

To maintain balance, she enjoys yoga and high intensity interval training (HIIT) and serves on a few church committees in Bowie, Maryland.

She says collaborating with an IC and creating a medium that showcases all the scientific discoveries is what makes her excited to be a part of NIH. 

Contact 301-435-8273 for more information about Events Management Branch video production team. 

Steven Davis is the Assistant Fire Marshal in the Division of the Fire Marshal and carries the heritage of a long family line of service members. 

Steven is part of the team that overlooks and oversees the fire safety inspections for the NIH campus, Rockledge campus, and the Rocky Mountain Montana campus. He also provides education and training on fire safety.

Before returning to the Maryland area, he was a Las Vegas paramedic for 5 1/2 years. 

Off campus, he serves at a Howard County fire department where he enjoys being a part of the junior fire program, mentoring up to 30 kids at a time.

If your department is in need of a fire safety training, please feel free to reach out to Steven Davis at 301-496-0487. 

Michael Dunn has 11 years of experience at NIH as a Division of Occupational Health and Safety Trainer, running programs and managing institute-lead courses. He is also part of the AED inspection program, overseeing the 373 defibrillators located all over the NIH campus. 

Moreover, Michael also serves as the Nursing Mother’s Program lead, overseeing phone support, work consultation, classes and provides access to about 33 nursing rooms. 

He is from Baltimore but was born in Okinawa, Japan. He also served as a Marine stationed in Bangladesh and Korea. 

He is an avid fisherman and enjoys taking his nephew to the river on the weekends. Michael is also the coach to his nephew's little league football team near Susquehanna State Park in Maryland.  

To learn more about the CPR/AED Defibrillator training course, go to;


To learn more about the Nursing Mothers Program, go to; https://www.ors.od.nih.gov/sr/dohs/HealthAndWellness/Pages/lactation.aspx

Did You Know?
In 2018...
  • 720 Special Events. 
  • 510 Children enrolled in the NIH-sponsored child care centers. 
  • 534,735 DP issued Visitor Badges. 
  • 186,771 DP inspected vehicles. 

The NIH Police facilities in Building 31C is undergoing renovations through October 2019. During this period, the police front desk operations will temporarily relocate to the CRC North lobby of Building 10 at the reception desk. More »

At ORS, our goal is to find solutions to our customers’ needs. This year, we continue to improve our processes, focusing on engagement and responsive action. Our Escalation Procedures Page will empower our customers to manage their relationship with us at their convenience.