I AM ORS Summer 2021

Leon Reynolds, Management Analyst

Leon Reynolds enjoys helping others as a Management Analyst for the Division of Amenities and Transportation Services (DATS). Leon is primarily responsible for serving as the DATS FEVS coordinator, and assisting the Director of DATS in managing the organization's budget. He develops and applies critical thinking skills to make improvements and/or inform DATS customers. Leon's contributions to the DATS team also include supporting revisions to the onboarding guide and DATS Change Champions.

During non-work hours, Leon takes time to help his community. He participates in community service during non-work hours stressing the value of education through formal education and life experiences. Leon views helping others as a way to give back to those who helped in his own life. "Someone helped me in my different travels in life and I believe you return the favor and help others," Leon said. He recommends a kind word, networking and a listening ear as tools for assisting others in reaching their goals.

Leon was born in Harrisburg, PA and has lived in Washington, DC for approximately four years and raised in Prince George's County, MD. He attended the University of Maryland College Park, Prince George's Community College (Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice Technology-Cum Laude), Bowie State University (Bachelor of Science in Sociology-Cum Laude equivalent), University of Maryland, University College (Master's Degree in Science in Management with a specialization in Human Resource Management-Magna Cum Laude equivalent). In Leon's spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, watching a sporting event or live entertainment and fishing.


Lydia Kibiuk, Visual Information Specialist

Lydia recalls being excited and proud to start her first day at the NIH. If she had not joined the NIH, Lydia says jokingly that she "would probably still be working as an illustrator unless I won the lottery."  Instead, Lydia fulfills her passion for fine art in her role as a Visual Information Specialist for the Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS).

In this role, Lydia works with DOHS staff to develop, design and produce illustrations, and diagrams in both still and animated forms.  These graphics, whether it be a poster, pamphlet, flyer, Safetycast animation, etc.  inform NIH about important occupational health and safety topics.  Lydia consults and works directly with clients about the nature of the project — determining what visual materials are needed, the purpose of the project, the audience to be reached, the budget, and the deadline.

Lydia attended Buffalo State University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She then attended Cornell University, where she took a few science/biology courses in order to attend the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where she received a Master's Degree in Medical and Biological Illustration. 

Lydia says she has learned a lot about Occupational Health and Safety, much of which she did not knew prior to joining the NIH. "Each job that crosses my desk has a different subject matter which makes each one quite interesting," says Lydia. Lydia loves her role as a Visual Information Specialist and says NIH is "the best thing that ever happened to me."

Lydia grew up in Northern New York, and although she currently lives in the city now, "nature is still in my blood."  Lydia hopes to return to the area when she retires.

Roger Schiffman, NIH Police Officer

As a child, Roger Schiffman dreamt of becoming a Police Officer, so he is proud to be a Police Officer/Paramedic for the NIH Police. Prior to the NIH, he was employed as a Paramedic with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Roger says at his previous employer medical research and articles from NIH were often used to remain current in the field. He later joined the ORS to continue being a help to the community.

Roger feels being an NIH Police Officer allows involvement in a multitude of projects and ability to interact with various people. Roger is assigned to the NIH Patrol Operations Branch, which means his day-to-day activities include routine police patrol, conducting traffic enforcement, answering calls for service, performing ID checks, and investigating alleged criminal activity. He also assists the Training Branch by instructing CPR/AED/Bleeding Control as well as basic tactical medicine for Officers. This training provides medical training to treat life-threatening bleeding, airways compromise, and other injuries. It allows Officers to utilize the in car first aid kits to treat themselves as well as NIH employees, visitors, and others on-campus. "I love the interactions and experiences I have each day, and every day is totally different," Roger said. 

While at home, Roger says, "[my] 3-year-old takes up pretty much every minute of my time." Work rarely allows for him an extended period of free time, but when possible Roger likes to take trainings and read articles/publications to stay up to date with current trends in policing and paramedicine. Roger attended Union County College in Cranford, NJ where he got my AAS in Paramedicine. 


On April 27, 2021, the Department of Homeland Security has announced that the REAL ID full enforcement date will be extended by 19 months, from October 1, 2021 to May 3, 2023. This extension is due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about the REAL ID Extension.