Speed Signs Help Improve Pedestrian Safety

Images/Speed Radar Signs

The Division of Amenities and Transportation Services (DATS) is pleased to announce the introduction of speed radar signs on campus after hearing increased concerns from the NIH community over the last several months regarding speeding. DATS has deployed four portable radar signs around the campus to aid in keeping pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers safe. In addition to speeding concerns, we have heard complaints about "near" misses with pedestrians in multiple garages and crosswalks all over campus.

The four battery-operated radar signs can detect moving cars up to 1,200 feet away.  They are used around the country on campuses like NIH and construction areas to warn drivers of their speed and provide immediate feedback. The NIH campus will benefit by ensuring drivers are speed-aware and comply with the posted campus speed limits, which are 25 mph on most roads and 5 mph in parking garages and lots.  The radar signs will be moved to different locations to address areas of safety concern like high pedestrian volume crosswalks and areas in garages where speeding could be problematic. The signs should be a clear reminder that safety is of paramount concern here at the NIH.

If you have any questions or concerns about the signs or other transportation-related issues, feel free to contact DATS at (301) 827-DATS (3287).

Did You Know?
In 2018...
  • 720 Special Events. 
  • 510 Children enrolled in the NIH-sponsored child care centers. 
  • 534,735 DP issued Visitor Badges. 
  • 186,771 DP inspected vehicles. 

The NIH Police facilities in Building 31C is undergoing renovations through October 2019. During this period, the police front desk operations will temporarily relocate to the CRC North lobby of Building 10 at the reception desk. More »

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